17 October 2020 Listen

OTO RADIO - Terry Day

Free improvising drummer and visual artist Terry Day talks us through his archives, selecting cuts from his extensive performance history going back to 1965 to the present.

Performers includes in the archive include: Mike Figgis, Pat Thomas, John Edwards, Evan Parker, Hannah Marshall, Satoko Fukuda, Eunjung Kim, Steve Beresford, Peter Urpeth, Neil Charles, Adrian Northover, Dawid Frydryk, Ansuman Biswas, John Russell, Davey Payne, Charlie Hart, John Butcher, Alison Blunt, David Leahy, Beibei Wang, George Khan, Maartje ten Hoorn, Sylvia Hallett, Sue Ferrar, J.F Pauvros, Katie Perks, Jerry Hunt and Tony Hymas.

Thanks to Terry Day, Blanca Regina, Pierre Bouvier Patron & Steve Beresford.