03 February 2020 Listen

OTO Radio - Old Heaven Special

Old Heaven is an independent bookshop which opened in Shenzhen in 2003. In the last decade or so the shop has gradually established itself as a record label and publisher. The label has released a dozen titles on CD, cassette and vinyl, including live recordings from the OCT-LOFT Jazz Festival & Tomorrow Festival by familiar names Otomo Yoshihide and Ruins.

Importantly though, Old Heaven documents the creative output of a loose group of new and old local artists at the same time. Younger musicians like Deng Boyu and Lao Dan sit in the catalogue alongside 1990s Chinese underground like dombra pioneer Mamer, groups like Puppet & IZ, and zhuizi singer Guo Yongzhang


1. Mamer - Aylanew 旋转 Rotating

2. Mamer - 星空 Kengistik

3. IZ - Cradle

4. IZ - Shadow

5. Puppet - 羊 Sheep

6. Guo Yongzhang - 老来难 Old Man’s Blues / 十大劝 Ten Commandments

7. Shinpei Ruike, Hiroaki Mizutani and Shinnosuke Takahashi, Lao Dan, Deng Boyu - Burning Bookshop  

8. Deng Boyu - 旷 Kuang

9. Li Daiguo & Lao Dan - 奔波儿灞 Benbo’erba