Puppet: Selected Works 1995 - 2014 – Puppet

Puppet is a rock band that was started in 1991 in Urumqi by Xinjiang musician Feruh (法茹克). It has gone on to become one of the longest living rock bands in China. The backbone of Xinjiang’s underground scene, Puppet has gone through numerous line-up changes while Feruh remains the only constant member and the mastermind behind the project. In 1997, Mamer joined Puppet and has since maintained a close relationship with the band. The band went on hiatus from 2002 to 2005, reformed in 2006, and finally released their full-length debut 'Urumqiin' 2008, a sophomore titled '32 Days' followed in 2014. Feruh is currently working on his new band 6501, named after the first four digits of identity card numbers in Xinjiang, 6501 released their debut 'Endgame' in 2018 under Modern Sky’s Bad Head sub-label. 

This is Puppet’s first greatest hits album, compiled by Feruh himself, with songs selected from different periods of the band’s history, the song “3 O’clock Xinjiang Time” is previously unreleased. It's gold. 


Available as a 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC download


1. 电视 Television(1999)

2. 日落到日出 Sunset to Sunrise(2005)

3. Wait For Me(2014)

4. 蟑螂 Cockroach(2005)

5. 羊 Sheep(1996)

6. Runaway Train(2013)

7. 野雪 Wild Snow(2006)

8. 32天 32 Days(2014)

9. Let It Rain(2014)

10. 小雨 Little Rain(2003)

11. 新疆时间三点 3 O’clock Xinjiang Time(1996)