WOOD ORGANIZATION is an open constellation led by a Copenhagen-based duo of Szymon Pimpon Gasiorek and Tomo Jacobson - both players coming out of Copenhagen's vibrant improv and creative music scene. Initially devoted to improvisation drawing from the sounds of nature, the group has recently headed into a new direction which they themselves call drimpro (dream + improv). Their new music is a unique combination of repetitive acoustic grooves and abstract electronics sculpted in a free manner. It is an eclectic amalgam of the duo's various influences ranging from free jazz to pop to ethnic to disco to reggae, that features both players as a rhythm section, soloists, and singers (on #7 & #9) alike.
In 2017 the group released their first well-received album on cassettes, featuring a three times Danish Grammy recipient Lars Greve on reeds, Freya Schack-Arnott on cello, and Franciszek Pospieszalski on second double bass.