Umlaut Big Band - Euro Swing Vol 2

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The 14 musicians of UMLAUT BIG BAND, mostly from the new jazz guard (Un Poco Loco, ONJ, Duke Orchestra) and European improvisation (Hochstapler, Peeping Tom, Bribes 4, White Desert Orchestra, ONCEIM), have been celebrating together since 2011 the golden age of swing in the tradition of big band orchestras, whether mythical or unfairly forgotten.

In EURO SWING VOL. 2 , the Umlaut Big Band documents another history of jazz in Europe between 1925 and 1940: that of American smugglers. While a first part, "Euro Swing" (Umlaut Records, 2015), was interested in European composers and arrangers, this new opus focuses on the work of American musicians on the old continent. The aim is to shed light on the role of smugglers such as Benny Carter, Duke Ellington, Sam Wooding, Willie Lewis and Fud Livingston, who have been able to play across Europe. Always in search of a surprising and sharp repertoire of music, the Umlaut Big Band exhumes again beautiful treasures forgotten.


The Umlaut Big Band are:

Pierre-Antoine Badaroux / direction and saxophone alto 
Antonin-Tri Hoang / saxophone alto, clarinet 
Geoffroy Gesser / saxophone tenor and clarinet 
Jean Dousteyssier / saxophone tenor and clarinet 
Benjamin Dousteyssier / saxophone alto and baryton  
Brice Pichard, Louis Laurain, Emil Strandberg / trumpet 
Fidel Fourneyron, Michaël Ballue, Nicolas Grymonprez / trombone 
Romain Vuillemin / guitar
Bruno Ruder / piano 
Sébastien Beliah / bass 
Antonin Gerbal / drums


Recorded 23-27.02.2015, at the Luisant, Germigny-L'Exempt by Ken Yoshida. 

Available as 320kbp MP3 or 24bit FLAC 


1. Blue Room
2. Hyde Park
3. Swinging At The Chez Florence
4. Blue Interlude
5. Bull Foot Stomp
6. Honeysuckle Rose
7. Sax Appeal
8. Shanghai Shuffle
9. Picadilly Strut
10. Sweet Madness
11. Serenade To Sweden
12. I Wanna Go Places And Do Things
13. I’m Coming Virginia
14. I Got Rhythm
15. Farewell Blues