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Triple Negative – What good do you think your lousy senses do

Bad barrier the blood-brain, the glaucous membrane. Not much changedby a public plague year (during=other matter): flailingpinions, Distress or Alarm likely to cause Distress or Alarm, Neuronopsychononeuropsychocataract. Congestion of the blood-brain cloaca, a site for eyesores, spite for spyspores.

So yeahblooming droopingthanks -- ornate and frailalready, no paralysed arm, no calcified brain. 3 nests of morpionsmakeupa Nervenkostum. Ululate onto mono tape forhours (1 yearis20, 12?), renounce/reduce/denature later, same as we always did. Triple-jointed wrists/unsnappy turns, at least spare us "real time". General Demolitionhaswon the allegorical war, the swifts are back, don't know for how long.


Recorded to Sony mono condenser tape deck, NE/E Ldn (connected by sinkware x stereo speakers), 2020-21. External samples (scream of swifts[6], Monique Morelli sings Villon[8]) played straight to tape on Ymh SU-10 (1993). Tape-tape recursion on 2-track free trial computer program (discontinued).


Triple Negative: Mme Tlank, Velimirovich, clinical wasteman: voices, percussion

1 - Poignard Lhoucine [2:56]
2 - The Bloody Deluge [6:10]
3 - Lightning Lazar [4:34]
4 - Roll in flames [3:25]
5 - Stresstesting the Casualty Community [4:11]
6 - Stabject Seepex Abgeist [3:58]
7 - Lombrosia vial [2:26]
8 - The poor sorry senses [4:22]

Triple Negative

Madame Tlank & Clinical Wasteman & others. Bayern Tāmaki Makaurau/northsouth London, since 1989/2003/2016.

Vulnerable adults born in the wrong place, put out too tender & possessed by spite. There’s nothing not superficial about it: an animus nursed with bad bad grace. Absentee panelbeating (Tascam stand-ins), raised voices, knock-off Glock & cheap Vamvakaristic Spiel.

Incorporates Philosophie Queen (+microcosmically: THE MEAN STREAKS). May contain traces of Heliogabalus, $urp!u$, Aufgehoben & S.P.U.D.

“Death-affirming!” - Dean ‘Sonny’ Blount

“Just stop feeding them” - Dean Swift

"it is almost impossible to believe that there is anything formulaic about Triple Negative’s music. It’s frighteningly complex, BUT there’s a radiance around their output that feels more akin to magic than science - having been playing together for near 20 years, it is in those untold hours of writing that they have developed their own dialect, one that we are only now hearing to be spoken so effortlessly. Eloquently unstructured piano and violin interplay duck and dive around No Neck Blues Band-style explosions of acoustic and electric guitar, every component regularly being thrown into a cramped East London rehearsal space with flurries of frenzied drum machines and percussive invocations. Anyway - ENOUGH ALREADY! There’s so much going on - with each listen yer mind will bear witness to the multidimensional, unfathomably ONIONATED layers of intricacy and destruction at play." - Low Company

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