TOMO – toise/-

He originates from a parallel universe and is in possession of alien technology that he uses to create self-discovery music for your listening pleasure.

After his ultra-low-fi Mini CD single PLAYS (Gotta Let It Out, 2023), TOMO comes back with not one but two stunning EPs released on a single 180g vinyl in a beautiful gatefold cover.

Six 80s YAMAHA synths and drum machines, the beloved midi-ribbon, and two Fostex 4-track tape recorders become a space-time ship here, taking us on an idiosyncratic journey into sound and a stylistic blender.

In TOMO's own words: "Each of these machines has their own unique sound to them. There's limitations and glitches. There's particulates of tone. There's an illusion of an unbroken conviction in each and every sound they make. There's a stylistic mishmash. There's emotional and cultural contexts these tones inhabit in our collective and subjective psyche. These machines make music on their own if you let them. This is my tribute to them."

We gave up on trying to describe this music, but perhaps the way TOMO classifies it could help:
lo-fi, Nu-80s, ADHD, ASD, inside-out, ultimate-stoner, proto-dance, naiveté, electro-shamanic, spiritual, toddler-jam, magical realism, space-emo.