Alan Licht – Sound Art Revisited

The first edition of Sound Art Revisited (published as Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Categories) served as a groundbreaking work toward defining this emerging field, and this fully updated volume significantly expands the story to include current research since the book's initial release. Viewed through a lens of music and art histories rather than philosophical theory, it covers dozens of artists and works not found in any other book on the subject.

Locating sound art's roots across the centuries from spatialized church music to the technological developments of radio, sound recording, and the telephone, the book traces the evolution of sound installations and sound sculpture, the rise of sound art exhibitions and galleries, and finally looks at the critical cross-pollination that marks some of the most important and challenging art with and about sound being produced today.


Paperback edition.


Imprint:Bloomsbury Academic

Illustrations:25 b&w figures

Dimensions:6" x 9"

"Alan Licht's historical approach successfully unpacks the development of sound art and explains its development through a multitude of examples. He ... brings new clarity into the discussion of sound art and its variations, remembering its roots and perhaps more importantly bringing social perspectives to bear in the narrative for scrutinising conceptual, instrumental and performative aspects of this many-faceted art form.” –  Organised Sound

“I am pleased to discover at last an English-language, far-reaching survey of sound art rightly focusing on both theoretical and historical aspects while dealing with challenging categorization and placement issues such as situating sound art with regard to the fields of experimental music, fine art, and even sound studies. Sound art is becoming an increasingly important art form; this volume, a highly revised and expanded version of Licht's earlier Sound Art: Beyond Music, Between Categories, is long overdue.” –  Leigh Landy, Director of Music – Technology and Innovation, Institute for Sonic Creativity, De Montfort University, UK