Jean-Luc Guionnet – Totality

Multi-disciplinary Parisian artist Jean-Luc Guionnet presents us a magnum opus: Totality.

"Why "Totality"? I don’t know. Neither why, nor what, nor how, where, or when... You can be sure that no obvious rational issues drove any of my decisions. There are probably many secrets within this work, but no demonstrations, and not one rebus. There are neither prescriptions nor descriptions, or perhaps both compressed into a pellet, even if that sounds a little gross. Actually, if I now feel sorry for the people who were not included, I also feel sorry for those who were. I once had an old car with no stereo, so I use to sing while driving to keep myself alive, aware, awake, and sometimes I recorded those moments. One day, in 2017, while the machine was recording, I didn't sing but talked... something I never did and never do. My voice sounded like that of a stranger, as well as what I was saying. I nearly forgot about this recording until we started receiving bizarre commands, and for some reason it came back to mind. There are 83 voices, all of whom I know, some of them very well, 4 only friends-of-friends, in 20 or so languages.

I’ll let you imagine the details of the whole process; your images are part of the piece.

Furthermore :

All sounds, all music I composed, played, recorded, mixed, commentated, sang, and so on. There are no quotations of any kind.

Parts A, B & C are not to be listened to separately as 3 different pieces: they are like the 3 movements of a single composition.

Knowing that the first part ("incipit cambodgien") is one of the loudest, please listen to "Totality" as loud as possible.

(thanks to Lucas)"

- Jean-Luc Guionnet


Voices in order of appearence:

Daravuth Ly
Nicolas Carrasco
Elizabeth Saint Jalmes
Joe Colley
Loty Negarti
Ada Diaconescu
Patrick Guionnet
Houssam El Bokeili
Ingrid Schmoliner
Seymour Wright
Klaus Filip
Naomi Verdon
Samo Kutin
Luke Fowler
Marcus Schmickler
Vincent Bouchot
Éric Cordier
Caroline Pouzolles
Frantz Loriot
Cyprien Busolini
Sonia Fleurance
Shaul Kohn
Timothée Quost
Tchang Yixin
Sacha Aksin
Ching Ching Cheung
Ray Brassier
Laurent Pascal
Yan Jun
Santiago Gardeazabal
Laszlo Juhasz
Yanik Miossec
Iris Poon
Xabier Erkizia
Christophe Macé
Joel Grip
Pavel Tchikov
Alexander Lau
Thomas Charmetant
Annette Krebs
Jeremy Kennedy
Jason Kahn
Claire Bergerault
Bertrand Denzler
Andrew Choate
Gaudenz Badrutt
Iban Regnier
Anna Gaïotti
Nicole Khouri
Lou Neva Zlatanova
Emma De Laura
Natasa Serec
Lotus Edde Khouri
Éric La Casa
Gael Leveugle
Taku Unami
Ali Robertson
Fredie Decombe
Véronique Rustici
Barry Esson
Martin Michaud
Alessandro Bosetti
Peter Kolovos
Marc Baron
François Durif
Will Guthrie
Clarence Pouzolles-Catela
Nadia Bou Ali
Clayton Thomas
Sophie Daull
Nikos Veliotis
Marc Fèvre
Robert Bastien
Rhodri Davis
Stéphane Rives
Neil Davidson
Cristian Alvéar
Luka Zagoričnik
Martin Tétreault
Moussa Sy
Pascal Battus
Seijiro Murayama
& myself


01 - 000:00:000 - Incipit Cambodgien

02 - 001:41:280 - Inchoat au Vent d'Est

03 - 026:37:287 - Vertical Devant Tout

04 - 033:05:314 - Poussiéreuses de Mots

05 - 041:51:033 - Erreur sur Personne

06 - 047:36:033 - Golgote Probablement

07 - 050:12:965 - Servitude de Brochage en Plein Air

08 - 054:13:882 - Bruit sans Excuse

09 - 062:08:686 - Envers de Fête

10 - 066:08:313 - Saut sur Rien

11 - 083:12:933 - Totale Cohorte en Imposture

12 - 088:03:805 - Erreur en Personne

13 - 090:31:462 - On a Gâché les Tmèses

14 - 109:55:165 - Fausse Patte

15 - 113:33:281 - Gelée Mascarade

16 - 123:30:855 - Impossible Cohorte

17 - 131:53:070 - Lambdation et Voix Humaine

18 - 144:48:134 - Bérivanel des Choucas

19 - 150:11:646 - Errante Équipée en Mer 93

20 - 161:48:883 - Et Que Pop se Perde

21 - 167:13:273 - Trinch Taqîya Total

22 - 176:33:383 - Lettre et Compte du Parking

23 - 196:59:346 - Cohorte Jetée

24 - 210:44:028 - 1984 : Comment Font les Bêtes Depuis

25 - 218:45:509 - Avant Toutes Poussières de Quoi

26 - 226:23:048 - Cadence Traversante

**Please note**: although the release is divided into 3 parts, it all totals one full composition with a running time of 3 hours, 53 minutes & 48 seconds, and is to be played all together as one piece.

Jean-Luc Guionnet

"My musical work subdivides itself into as many ways as occasions arise for me to think and act with sound and forms. Those occasions have always to do with a strong meeting with an outside element : an instrument (saxophone/organ), a theoretical idea (what is "rumour"?), and mainly a collaborating friend (Lotus Edde Khouri, Éric La Casa, Thomas Bonvalet, Seijiro Murayama) ... or the long term adventure of a team (Hubbub, Ames Room, Jupiter Terminus ...). There then follows a collection of themes which, in turn, influence the evolution of the musical work and define the direction of meetings to come: the thickness of the air, the pidgin, the musical instrument considered as affective automaton, sound as a signature of space, signature of objects, signature of what it is not... The coming emotion is made out of all these strata and the sliding of one over the other during the act of listening. When music is giving time."