Sonore – No One Ever Works Alone

"Trio featuring Peter Broetzmann (A-clarinet/tarogato-alto/tenor & bass saxophone), Mats Gustafsson (tenor & baritone saxophone), Ken Vandermark (B-flat-clarinet - tenor & baritone Saxophone). Recorded live at the LOFT in Köln Oct. '03. 7 improvised pieces."

"No One Ever Works Alone has 24 possible saxophone combinations multiplied by Peter Brötzmann's indefatigability, Mats Gustafsson's percussive brilliance and Ken Vandermark's synthesis of the entire saxophone tradition. These three form the core of Brötzmann's Chicago Tentet, a marvelous large ensemble, and that vigor has been compacted here. Sonore is an example of how "free jazz", music that has no repertoire, no standards, relies on the head-on collision of different musical perspectives. Vandermark and Gustafsson here are quite different than on two projects released on the Oslo-based Smalltown Superjazz label." - All About Jazz

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC  


1. Elements Of Refusal - 10:50
2. Trees After A Fire - 13:16
3. Broken Hymn -10:30
4. Death Can Only Kill Me Once - 14:51
5. Hammer Requiem - 6:02
6. Blessed Assurance, Uninsured - 8:42
7. No One Ever Works Alone - 2:46