Fade – Schoolhouse

Schoolhouse is the solo electronica project of Manchester based composer Peter J. Taylor.

"Fade" was recorded entirely 'within' a laptop, yet the almost modern classical approach to composition and the ambiguity around the source of the sounds make it unique. Computer processed tones have been painstakingly arranged into the ominous swarming of 'What Was Said...', and the wandering interwoven melodies of 'Gran (D)'. It is at times crushingly claustrophobic, and others surreally optimistic. "I don't want to make happy songs or sad songs. I want to make music that demands you to feel conflicted by its tone", Taylor explains.

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. What Was Said Can Never Be Undone - 20:37
2. Gran(D) - 22:15