Yyauyls – Oliver Barrett

Solo cello improv. Single take. One mike.

Track 1 recorded on an Olympus LS-11 then fed through a Korg/Microbrute set-up with some keys held down.

Track 3 played with a whole load of reverb.

Track 4, solo cello with a postcard woven through the strings.

Track 5 recorded at the Cafe OTO. All the rest recorded at home in New Cross.

released January 14, 2016

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. You Play The Cello The Cello Is My Favourite Instrument - 05:41
2. Well Sorry About That - 04:28
3. Shoshone Tukadika - 08:09
4. Kettle Monster - 05:36
5. Cafe OTO, October 2013 - 19:39

Oliver Barrett

Oliver Barrett is a musician and illustrator based in Somerset. Having played in various bands, Oliver has most recently put out several releases under his 'Petrels' moniker on various labels internationally including Denovali, Tartaruga, and Patient Sounds. As a composer he has had work commissioned by the BFI, London Word Festival and the Southbank Centre amongst others. A multi-instrumentalist, Oliver's musical practice ranges from solo electronics, acoustic improvisation, band work, and sound art, to orchestral arrangements and song, drawing influences from a broad spectrum.