There The Sun Also Rises – Oliver Barrett

"Look, I’m not offering excuses here, except... I guess I just want to give you some semblance of who I am. Or who I was at least. How it went... What led me all the way out here..."

There The Sun Also Rises is a short story and album by Oliver Barrett; both parts inspired by and extrapolating on the other. Told by a man looking back on his life, the things he's left behind, and all the decisions that led him to up to a single revelatory experience, the story is both a wide-eyed, cosmic science fiction tale and a deeply personal reckoning with what has come to pass.

The download includes the accompanying short story, 'There The Sun Also Rises', as a pdf file.

released April 30, 2021

All music written, recorded and produced by Oliver Barrett.

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. How It Went - 06:40
2. Something More Than Ourselves - 04:32
3. Born On Soil - 02:38
4. Not Close Enough - 11:46
5. Way Out Here - 05:32
6. This Embracing Light - 07:24
7. Found Wanting - 04:42
8. Gnosis - 05:50
9. I Wish You The Warmth Of It - 07:20

Oliver Barrett

Oliver Barrett is a musician and illustrator based in Somerset. Having played in various bands, Oliver has most recently put out several releases under his 'Petrels' moniker on various labels internationally including Denovali, Tartaruga, and Patient Sounds. As a composer he has had work commissioned by the BFI, London Word Festival and the Southbank Centre amongst others. A multi-instrumentalist, Oliver's musical practice ranges from solo electronics, acoustic improvisation, band work, and sound art, to orchestral arrangements and song, drawing influences from a broad spectrum.