Native Instrument – Live Ateliers Claus

"Native Instrument came to play les ateliers claus in October 2017. Their project is a sound collaboration bringing together the field recording archive of Felicity Mangan and the abstract vocabulary of Stine Janvin. Their music is built from electronic and vocal adaptations of animal and insect recordings originating mainly from the Australian and North European fauna. The organic mix of bug beats and atmospheric soundscapes uncover a sonic ambiguity between rural nature, electronics and the human voice, creating a peculiar, mellow insect techno."


Recorded and mastered by Christophe Albertijn.

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC  


1. Sound Of One Bird Clapping 09:02
2. Thud VU 20:22
3. What Happens in Ibiza 10:01


Stine Janvin

Stavanger born, Berlin based vocalist Stine Janvin explores and challenges the possibilities of working with human voice in music composition and performance in a unique way. Her recent work is focussed on imitation and abstract storytelling through sound collages inspired by a variety of genres and traditions of electronic music, sound poetry, folk music and languages of various peoples, birds and animals. Fake Synthetic Music is an audiovisual vocal performance exploring spatial, psycho- and otoacoustics combined with optical illusions from lights, smoke and mirrors; an imitation and tribute to past and present creators of electronic music dealing with space, melodic and rhythmic sequences and deconstructed rave / high-frequency exhaustion for voice, echo and spatial distribution. As a result, the immersive performance with a touch of post-humanist aesthetics blurs the lines between organic and synthetic, real and illusory.