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The Rapture of Cellular Accretion is a tape, fiction text and artwork completed during the convalescence of lockdown by artist and musician, Lucy Duncombe. Originally conceieved for an online presentation for Market Gallery, Glasgow.


The work concerns the back and forth sharing of music within the alternate sociality of digital space; lives held within YouTube playlists and cultivated within the ample hamlet of thumbnails, comments, and auto suggestion, with a sense of a ‘we’ stuck recursively in loops of musical fable.

With melodic references to songs hosted within the imagined YouTube playlist of The Rapture or comments left on its videos, its musical world is contained and atomic.

Almost all of the pieces use the ensemble of the voice for its instrumentation; stretched, pitch shifted, cut and repeated to create a ‘texture of one’, with Ailie Ormston providing non-vocal instrumentation on several of the tracks.


Music: Lucy Duncombe
Text: Lucy Duncombe
Instrumentation on Several Tracks: Ailie Ormston
Roving Vocal Bleep: Feronia Wennbourg
Artwork: Al White
Mastered by William Aikman


This release comes with Tape And Risograph Print