sweeping, at least – Rebecca Wilcox & Hannah Ellul

A collaboration at a distance. After a lockdown was imposed, something like a conversation emerged in a to- and fro- of writing and recordings. We were interested in the dynamics of encounter, interaction and (dis)orientation. The process has been marked by the stretches of time that shape this back and forth, by a certain lag, as we catch up with one another—a slowed-down, stretched-out kind of experience that is perhaps characteristic of lockdown itself.  Most of the sounds come from close to hand, everyday, tactile objects, accidents, or routines. And from the body as it rubs, carries, plays, waits, dawdles with its surroundings. The voices are chatting, syncopating, trying to change position, getting in a mess.
- Rebecca Wilcox & Hannah Ellul

Rebecca Wilcox & Hannah Ellul - all music & recording
Cover design by Oliver Barrett

1 - Ancient Work [03:48]
2 - Windy Accidental [03:28]
3 - Trapdoors [06;59]
4 - Scaffolds [04:47]
5 - Slow Jar [06:17]
6 - Too Much [03:36]