Louis Moholo-Moholo Unit – For The Blue Notes

Ogun marks their 40th anniversary by releasing this superb album from drummer Louis Moholo-Moholo's Unit as an octet including Alexander Hawkins on piano, John Edwards on bass, and Jason Yarde on saxes, performing a heartfelt tribute to The Blue Notes live in Italy.

"Wild but still songlike collective thrashes swell out of catchy hooks (as on the title track); the street-brass sound of the old Brotherhood of Breath big band is echoed in struts like Irmite Is Right; the sonorous chant Dikelelu has a rumbling, Coltranesque undertow; and bassist John Edwards' crunching basswalk under Hawkins' zig-zagging piano solo on Sonke is awesome. There are protracted encores and namechecks at the end, but they all add to the sensation of being present at a gig you'd remember for a long time." - John Fordham


Alexander Hawkins / piano

John Edwards / bass

Louis Moholo-Moholo / drums

Jason Yarde / saxphones

Ntshuks Bonga / saxophones

Henry Lowther / trumpet

Alan Tomlinson / trombone

Francine Luce / vocals


Recorded live in Milan, 2012 by Gianni Grassilli. Cover by Naiel Ibarrola. 

Available as 320kbp MP3 or 16bit FLAC