Louis Moholo-Moholo – Khumbula

"Pianist Stan Tracey last played with the South African master drummer Louis Moholo 30 years ago, when Moholo was an exile from apartheid. Now he has returned to South Africa to live, so the recent scarcity of this dramatic performer's UK work gives this 2004 London improvisational session an extra buzz. 

Three decades on, Moholo remains the formidable free-improviser he always was - but Tracey has largely returned to the structured, song-shaped swinging music he began with. The gig, therefore, might have been a meeting of well-intentioned old associates who had become musical strangers. Tracey even implies an unease about it in his notes to the set, but he records that when they sat down to play - with no prior discussion - the music just took care of itself."


Louis Moholo Moholo / drums

Stan Tracy / piano


Recorded at Gatewary Studios on 23rd October, 2004. Produced by Evan Parker. Artwork by John Eaves RWA. 

Available as 320kbp MP3 or 16bit FLAC