Loren Connors & Alan Licht – A2 Residency Screenprinted Poster

A very special, four-colour A2 screenprint, created to mark the upcoming residency with Loren Connors & Alan Licht at Cafe OTO, designed using a photograph by Loren Connors himself. The prints make use of split, halftone colour layers, to recreate the ephemeral, painterly textures of the original photograph, meaning that each print is unique. 

Printed by Tartaruga on high quality, 198gsm Takeo Satogami charcoal paper.

Edition of 100.

Design by Oli Barrett / Tartaruga from a photo by Loren Connors.

“Licht and Connors know all the arguments, have heard all the theories. They’re just choosing to do something else” – Freq

Longstanding collaborators, Connors and Licht have an instinctual, fluid interplay that has been honed over many years, building a totemic sonic architecture that is even more than the sum of its considerable parts.