Larmschutz and Sergei Tumanov – Atonal Echoes

A sound collage focusing on the interaction between classic acoustic instruments, electronic sound processing and effects and integration of white noise radio transmissions. This work is part of a series on the topic of exploring the contribution between an artist and the environment.


RVD / electronics, effects
Sergei Tumanov / violin, effects


All music recorded and produced by RVD and Sergei Tumanov during February - March 2021 in the Netherlands and Australia.

Mixed and mastered by Sergei Tumanov at NCTMMRN Studio, Melbourne, Australia

Photography by Matthias Urban

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. From The Bottom Of A Well - 12:56
2. From The Walls Of An Enclosed And Empty Room - 10:55

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