Kib Elektra – Blemishes

Kib Elektra is the solo project from London-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Abi Bailey.

Her debut EP, 'Blemishes', is a glitch pop tour de force, soaring its way through a deluge of melodic vocal work, percussive grooves, and heavy synth bass. Bailey’s toured and worked with the likes of Emiliana Torrini, Brian Eno, M.I.A, , and Sylver Tongue - but Blemishes is her first completely solo body of work since the age of 16.

Recorded between her own studio and engineer Sam Norland’s studio, Bailey built upon Ableton sketches, adding guitar, bass, drum programming, Moog voyager and Prophet synths, vocals, and soundscapes recorded on travels in West Africa and Brazil.

“The title is taken from the most delicate of the five tracks. It just made sense to use this as the title. I don't use autotune for my vocals, so the EP is full of blemishes. I actually like adding glitches and warbles to roughen the vocals up. The texture can be really interesting.”

"A fascinating, hugely promising debut that tickles the ears pleasantly from start to finish." - Echoes and Dust

"an excellent release, full of promise and of a well-tuned sensibility in need of more airtime in pop’s saturated world." - Foreign Accents

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. Breaking Skies - 03:22
2. Hairclips - 04:24
3. Din & Drone - 04:08
4. Blemishes - 03:14
5. Hermeto - 05:10