Jessica Ackerley & Patrick Shiroishi – Extremities

Extremities documents the first meeting of Jessica Ackerley and Patrick Shiroishi, recorded live in a basement apartment in Chinatown, Los Angeles. Both musicians come from strong improvised and free music scenes: Ackerley from NYC, and Shiroishi from L.A. There is a joyful sense of abandon here; the love affair each musician has with their instrument produces a dripping intensity, congealing upon impact with the physical, coalescing into a new form; fresh contours, rippled textures glinting in the atmosphere of passive space, as their musical chemistry manifests in instantaneous spurts. Stylistically, the album ranges from free jazz to noise and even serrated slices of metal. This makes for music constantly branching out from an agitated core: bulbous and irregular, and convolutedly engaging from start to finish.


Jessica Ackerley / guitar
Patrick Shiroishi / saxophones, percussion


Recorded by Jared Rodriguez

Mixed and mastered by Lucas Brode

Artwork by E. Lindorff-Ellery
"Garlic Foot" and "Knowing What to Write" (detail), 2020

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC   


1. Popcorn Spackle - 06:25
2. Muss Up - 03:33
3. Meteoric Deed - 01:51
4. Basement Runic - 05:11
5. Din Din Stridency - 05:19
6. Bulderdash - 10:03
7. Short Circuit - 03:52
8. Drum and Paper - 08:11
9. Hello Fairies - 00:43


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