Live at Cordyceps Is Your Friend – Grapefruits

Grapefruits has a changing line-up around the fixed core of Oliver Barrett and Max Bondi. For this iteration, Grapefruits were:

Oliver Barrett / amplified cello
Max Bondi / synth and tape loops
David McLean / saxophone
Simon Trevethick / drums

Recorded by Shaun Crook at Cordyceps Is Your Friend, Cafe OTO, 6th March 2015.
Tracks 2 + 3 reinterpreted by Oliver Barrett, December 2021.
Mixed and mastered by Oliver Barrett.

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC


1. Live at Cordyceps Is Your Friend - 13:20
2. A Purger's Fit - 13:44
3. Part Figures - 14:40


Improvised sonic debris from Max Bondi (Tartaruga Records), Oliver Barrett (Petrels/Glottalstop) and Simon Trevethick making use of cello, synths, drums, tape loops and electronics.

“Sounding like an audio version of a slow camera zoom onto knotted scorched wood, this trio carved a sound dense and violent; a congealing of acidic elements: squealing effects-manipulated cello strings, drums like bursts of instantaneous rust, and a synth emitting noxious fumes. The cello playing was startling in itself; nerve peeling scrapes,  treated, degraded, buried in waste and grit. The only rest they allowed the audience was a late-on sick pulse that left behind much of the clatter; a chute of noise, down which the band dropped into uneasy calm and amplifier hum; their set drawing to a close with tendrils of bass gloop quivering into silence.” – Ears For Eyes