Inspiring Capital – Firas Khnaisser & Ali Robertson

While neighbouring city Glasgow prides itself with the self-endowed banner 'People Make Glasgow', the cobbled street capital of Edinburgh lives under the cursed aphorism of 'Inspiring Capital'.  The biggest financial accumulator the city has each year, the Edinburgh Festival, is representative of this apparent 'inspiration': tourists arrive in their droves, Air B'n'b prices sky-rocket, corporate pop-up bars & restaurants lace the streets and the overwhelming majority of local residents get understandably disgruntled.

Tucked in a spot in Lochend End Park, 2 of the usually disgruntled locals -  Ali Robertson (fae OTO favourites, Usurper) & Firas Khnaisser - relish in the festival's covid-induced absence over the course of two days, engaging in a delectable jumble of scrape, rattle, pop, twang and whizz. The park is just 0.4 miles from Ali's house and 0.7 miles from Firas's , and it's clear they picked a space for comfy communion. Firas gently plucks shards of melodies and sheets of detuned wonder, while Ali creates tactile moments of intrigue and mischief with his menagerie of objects. Conversations are shared with chip-thieving feathered friends, who hover over the tumbling sound world, clearly intrigued with whatever its ardent creators are serving up. Who needs the Edinburgh festival when you can have a musical picnic with your pals instead? 


Firas Khnaisser - classical guitar, drum and objects

Ali Robertson - amplified objects


Record live on zoom with almost no edits

0.4 Miles was recorded on 20.07.20, and 0.7 Miles on 24.07.20


1 - 0.4 Miles [10.09]
2 - 0.7 Miles [13:34]

Firas Khnaisser & Ali Robertson

Ardent improv mischief duo from Edinburgh