C_C – Gentianes Et Myrtilles

French artist Eduardo Ribuyo aka C_C is known for more than 10 years for his unique blend of bass-heavy, dub-infused industrial breaks and his long several hours hypnotic performances.
A quiet strength of the french underground, he released on labels such as Small But Hard, Da! Heard It Records, Zamzam Records, Fougère, Krut, and Thirdtypetapes (which he co-founded).
Shortly after moving to the french countryside a few years ago, he found a renewed inspiration through the use of a more restrained setup, whom limitations he uses, to create uncanny landscapes where his craftsman mastership is transcended by the innocence and the freshness of a fierce beginner.
Gentianes And Myrtilles is documenting the beginning of this process, resulting in this collection of twelve mind-altering disorienting miniatures.