Bevan, Rodgers, Noble – Bigshots

After making his debut record for Incus Original Gravity, Bevan returned to the label with a new trio, joined by Steve Noble on percussion (Ya Boo, False Face) and Paul Rogers on bass. Quick intuition, a broad dynamic spectrum, and dazzling tonal colors. On a canvas of metallic percussion by Steve Noble, Bevan manipulates his striated tone like a painter adjusting brush strokes- some sounds are long, wide, and spacious, others squat and impossibly dense. This is at the relatively louder end on Bevan's work on Incus - especially when compared to Bevan / Bailey collabs like Limescale and Good Cop, Bad Cop. 


Paul Rogers / double bass
Steve Noble / percussion
Tony Bevan / saxophones


Recorded on 25th July 1991 at Holywell Music Room by Michael Gerzon. Produced by Steve Noble & Tony Bevan. Designed by Steve Noble. Photography By Thomi Wroblewski. Post Production by John Hadden

Available as a 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC download.    


1. Episode #3 - 8:32
2. Ace In The Hole - 2:52
3. Red 5 Shimey - 5:27
4. Ghosting - 2:17
5. Bigshots - 9:38
6. Lumpy - 3:56
7. Roaring - 1:31
8. Just The Way It Is - 5:13
9. 4 A.M. Farewell - 1:49
10. The Last Shot - 21:10