Advancing the cause of 2012's 'Alcor' LP, 'Inland' finds Mark Harwood complicating reason with dark and circuitous audio constructs.

Taking its inspiration from Gerard Murnane's 1988 novel of the same name, 'Inland' explores a personalized perception of space, both real and imagined, returning a fabricated dreamworld which teases logic and tricks the ear. Conceived with piano, bells, tapes, gong, autoharp, hammer, t.v., organ, and dry ice pellets, 'Inland' cuts the face of expectation to expose a 10 part fractal sonic geography, governed by its own laws, and flushed with all the beauty and horror of the natural world.

Mastered by Graham Lambkin.



1. Out - 2:14
2. Inland - 6:52
3. Summer - 3:33
4. Fire - 3:34
5. Space - 5:35
6. Eh - 4:34
7. Island - 6:25
8. Leaves - 5:24
9. Aliqua - 2:50
9. Mimosa - 2:40

Available as 320kbp MP3 or 24bit FLAC  


Astor is the moniker of Mark Harwood, Australian publisher, event curator and sound artist who is now residing in London, United Kingdom. Under this guise he deploys a wide variety of techniques including field recording, musique concrete, electronics and spatialisation. All of these forms are approached with a sense of bypassing the cliches imbedded within in order to coerce a sound world which is simultaneously contemporary, foreign, beautiful, unsettling and engaging.  Mark has released 2 acclaimed lp's on Kye (USA) and has a third 'Lina in Nida' on Penultimate Press (UK). 

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