Andreas Dzialocha – Solo

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'Solo' [SLP016] is the Slip debut of Berlin-based composer Andreas Dzialocha: a collection of lilting electric bass melodies refracted through a tangled network of live computer processing. 'Solo'‘s ruptured nocturnes are intimate duets between instrument and machine, with Dzialocha eloquently responding to randomised pulsing reverbs, filters, and compressors, which snatch his delicate motifs into virtual space in real time. 

Andreas studied art history, musicology, and computer science, and is founder and director of Berlin-based Serenus Zeitblom Oktett, and upstart publishing platform BLATT 3000. 

'Solo' interactive website:


Mastered by Hannes Fritsch. Artwork by Rian Treanor

Available as 320k MP3 or 24bit FLAC