Anat Ben-David & Atsuko Kamura – If you go there you don't come back

This is an archival recording of the first time meeting for vocalists and electronic musicians Anat and Kamura. Recorded live at the Hundred Years Gallery as part of the Earshots concert series on 04/10/2014


Anat Ben-David / voice and electronics
Atsuko Kamura / voice and electronics


Daniel Kordik & Edward Lucas: recording / master / design
Andrej Chudy: photograph

Available as 320k MP3 or 16bit FLAC


1. If you insist - 15.27

2. Still... - 11.43

Anat Ben-David

Primarily, my interest lies in the relationship between different elements occurring in an event where; text, sound and digital image, are mediated through improvisation and performance. The fundamental question in an artwork that includes different mediums and different systems within it is: what are the foundational concepts that underpin the various components, enabling them to develop into a coherent whole – the OpeRaArt. Performance occurs at many levels in OpEraArt, performance also functions as a mechanism that activates and shapes the work that arises out of the interactions of different systems.

Atsuko Kamura

Atsuko Kamura, singer of Kamura Obscura, started her career as vocalist and bassist ofMizutama Shobodan (Polka Dot Fire Brigade), Japanese agit-prop feminist punk pioneerswhose second album was produced by Fred Frith in the 1980s. Her arrival in the UK led to herinvolvement with Frank Chickens. She has long been exploring the field of vocal improvisation,first in Honeymoons (with Tenko) in Japan, then playing with many musicians in UK such asEddie Prevost, Charles Hayward and Sharon Gal. At the same time, as a vocalist, her songsrange from traditional Japanese folk to eco-surrealist chansons. Her recent work is exploringexperimental composition, combining avant-garde vocal electronic and improvisation.

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