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Saturday 21 July 2018, 7.30pm

Yximalloo + Iku Sakan

No Longer Available

First London show in 12 years for the one-man mysterious phenomenon that is Yximalloo, who has somehow maintained his obscurity despite making and recording music since the 1970's with releases on labels including ESP-Disk and Kompakt, and champions including artists as diverse as Jad Fair (Half Japanese), Momus, and members of Animal Collective.

Yximalloo's music builds on primitive trance-like rhythms mixed with offbeat pop sensibilities by way of crude electronic sampling. A true masterpiece, a modern-day Moondog off the streets of present-day Tokyo, London, NYC, and wherever you happen to be.


Yximalloo - aka Naofumi Ishimaru - works like a Japanese Jandek without the angst, like the Boredoms minus the bombast. Spiritual kin to early artpunk and especially the LAFMS, he revels in mock-ethnic music and nonsense. Lo-fi, sweet and primitive, he uses ancient drum machines, hand percussion, and electronic droplet noises, sometimes set to melodies gathered from some imaginary South Sea island where the traditional instrument is seemingly an old '80s synth. [more]

Iku Sakan

Iku Sakan is a Osaka born electronic musician and DJ, currently based in Berlin.

In his richly textured organic music, Sakan searches for soulful moments from soulless materials through a constantly shifting collection of sound sources, melding improvisation and mixing practices. 

His music focuses predominantly on the potential of the emotional developments through the repetitive rhythmic patterns, rotating harmonics and resonating melodies.

Since he landed Berlin in 2009, Sakan have been magnetized by the fertile underground of the city's international music scene. his exploring nature and various musical activities has lead him to sharping his own craft in recent years. 

He's been also collaborating with some notable names in the modern music scope. Sun Araw, Frisk Frugt, Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Muneomi Senju (ex-Boredoms), Damo Suzuki, among many others.