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Sunday 12 September 2021, 7.30pm

Yumi Hara – Two-Day Residency: The Artaud Beats (Yumi Hara, Geoff Leigh, John Greaves, Guy Evans) + monobeat + Jump for Joy! + DJ Lumpen Nobleman

No Longer Available

OTO presents a special Yumi Hara retrospective focusing on the past 10 years of her activities, and launch of her second solo album.

Yumi Hara’s compositions have been performed by contemporary classical ensembles such asPianoCircus and the BBC Singers, but she has become increasingly well known as animprovisor and performer in the avant rock, Canterbury and RIO scene since releasing CD 'Dune' with Hugh Hopper in 2008. She has formed bands and projects such as The Artaud Beats (with Geoff Leigh, Chris Cutler, John Greaves), you me & us (with Daevid Allen, Chris Cutler), Jump for Joy! (with Jean-Herve Peron, Zappi, Chris Cutler, Geoff Leigh, Geraldine Swayne), THE WATTS (with Tim Hodgkinson and Chris Cutler) and Half the Sky / LindsayCooper Songbook. She is senior lecturer in music at University of East London.

Chris Cutler has had to withdraw from the Yumi Hara 2-Day Residency at Cafe Oto to self-isolate. We are glad to announce that we've been able to persuade Guy Evans to leap to the rescue. Guy is best known as the drummer for Van Der Graaf Generator. He also played with The Misunderstood, Arthur Brown, Amon Düül 11 and Mother Gong. He is a founder member of Echo City, a band of musician-designers who perform on giant self-made instruments, collectively known as sonic playgrounds. He now regularly plays in the improvising collective, AMM All Stars, whose live performances and xenochronic compositions are broadcast weekly on Resonance FM’s Late Lunch With Out To Lunch. We are all looking forwards very much to working with him this weekend.


- The Artaud Beats (Yumi Hara, Geoff Leigh, John Greaves, Guy Evans)
- monobeat (Zappi Diermeier, Elke Drapatz, Toshiaki Sudoh)
- Jump for Joy! (Yumi Hara, Geoff Leigh, Jean-Hervé Péron, Zappi Diermaier, Geraldine Swayne, Chris Cutler)
- DJ Lumpen Nobleman

Yumi Hara / piano, keyboards, lever harp, voice (Half the Sky, Lindsay Cooper Songbook, you me & us, Frank Chickens, etc)
Guy Evans / drums (Van Der Graaf Generator)
Geoff Leigh / sax, fllute, voice, electronics (Henry Cow, Murmurists, Red Balune, Black Sheep, Ex-Wise Heads, etc)
John Greaves / bass, voice (Henry Cow, Peter Bregvad Quintet, NIMMERSATT, National Health, Soft Heap, etc)
Zappi Diermeier / drums, objects (faUSt)
Elke Drapatz / electronics
Jean-Hervé Péron / bass, voice, objects (faUSt)
Geraldine Swayne / keyboards, voice (faUSt)
Guy Harries
DJ Lumpen Nobleman (Extra Normal Records/Contra Pop)

The Artaud Beats

The Artaud Beats (Geoff Leigh: sax, fl, vo, electronics, Yumi Hara: p, vo, Chris Cutler: dr, John Greaves: b, vo) came together in a chance encounter at Jean-Hervé Péron's Avantgarde Festival in Schiphorst, 2009. Geoff Leigh and Yumi Hara were there as a duo, Chris Cutler and John Greaves with Peter Blegvad and Dagmar Krause. It was Geoff who proposed the quartet and Jean-Hervé enthusiastically supported the idea - since Geoff, Chris, and John had all been in Henry Cow together when they toured with Faust; and Yumi seemed the perfect companion. The concert was fine, the public happy and a Norwegian promoter from Bodo, who happened to be in the audience, immediately invited us to his next festival. So our casual meeting metamorphosed into a band. The Artaud Beats have toured worldwide and released CDs 'LOGOS' and 'Nodutgang, Bodo 28.10.11', but this will be the first ever London appearance.


Monobeat (Zappi W Diermaier: drums, Elke Drapatz: electronics, Toshiaki Sudoh: guitar) is the new project by Werner "Zappi" Diermaier, drummer and founding member of the legendary Krautrock band Faust. An odyssey of dark-tribal-ritualistic-krautrock with a cinematic bent. From the atavic to the post-industrial and the renewal of a distant and hypnotic Krautrock. Music from a future too far away.
monobeat | zappi (bandcamp.com)

Jump for Joy!

You me & us (Daevid Allen, Yumi Hara and Chris Cutler) were booked to play at Jean-Hervé Peron’s Avantgarde Festival in Schiphorst in 2014, but late in the day Daevid was unable to make it. Since most of Jean-Hervé’s band, faUSt - including Geoff Leigh - were all coming to the festival but not playing, Jean-Herve suggested Chris and I join them as Jump for Joy! to headline the festival. Since then we were invited to play other festivals and released two albums 'Bat Pullover' and 'Keeping Score'.
Jean-Herve’s two-penno’th:
Jump for Joy! is powered by two drummers of totally different styles : Zappi (Austria) and Chris Cutler (UK) ...teutonic tango vs butterfly lace; two guitar- and keyboard- ladies, Geraldine Swayne (Ireland) and Yumi Hara (Japan), providing a dense field of sound textures and structures, both delicate and barbarous, while Geoff Leigh (UK), and Jean-Hervé Peron (France) deliver the dada high- and low-ends. You’d hate yourself for missing Jump for Joy!

Lumpen Nobleman

Lumpen Nobleman is an alias of Extra Normal label boss and Contra Pop Festival organiser, Kyle McCallum. Since its inception in 2015, Contra Pop has hosted an array of international artists, including Maya Dunietz, Klara Lewis, Ghédalia Tazartès, Asmus Tietchens and Mika Vainio.

Lumpen Nobleman has DJed at Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius; La Casa Encendida, Madrid; Institute of Contemporary Art, London; the Centre for Contemporary Arts and Mono, Glasgow; and Ramsgate Music Hall, amongst other venues.

He broadcasts monthly on Repeater, Tak Tent and Margate Radio and produced 100 editions of the Extra Normal Mix Series between 2011 and 2020, including guest contributions from Jennifer Lucy Allan of Arc Light Editions; On-U Sound founder, Adrian Sherwood; and Doug Shipton of Finders Keepers Records.

His Errors and Remedies EP is out now and features remixes from Helena Celle, Don’t DJ, Mariam Rezaei and others:

Lumpen Nobleman’s latest release employs succinct production lines that allow arrangements to travel cleanly through elevated instrumental passages of electronic and beat-based composition. The record moves as a ritual dance from progressive introspection to joyful repartition whilst always developing the central theme of powerful hook-laden rhythms for hearts and feet.– Adam Coney (Trestle Records)

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