Monday 11 July 2022, 8pm

Upset The Rhythm presents: RACHEL AGGS + ELECTRIC FIRE

£11 £9 (DICE)

RACHEL AGGS is a multi instrumentalist and songwriter based in Glasgow. Aggs, a prolific specialist in euphoric post-punk, has achieved international acclaim with collaborative touring projects Trash Kit, Shopping and Sacred Paws. Creating zines and co-ordinating workshops that encourage women, non-binary people, and people of colour to form bands, Aggs has galvanised the DIY scene in the UK. Aggs released a solo album on Lost Map records as part of their Visitations residency in 2019 and self released //Tape 1// in 2020. Both releases showcase Aggs’ signature hybrid post-punk/highlife inspirations stripped down to new minimal extremes. Pulsating, electronic beats, coolly-recited lyrical mantras and spindly guitar lines abound in this life affirming music that speaks directly to your heart.

ELECTRIC FIRE is made up of Alicia (vocals), Ehima (drums, percussion and vocals), Sam (synths and vocals) and William (laptop, production and vocals). Their unique sound was developed through Heart n Soul’s digital music project SoundLab. It has evolved into an incredible live act, and the band have performed on stages from Hong Kong to Amsterdam, London to Paris. Their heart lifting, feel good second EP Buzzin’ is all about having fun. Opening with a song about the feeling you get when everything is going your way, from having rice or sausage rolls for lunch to touring Hong Kong, this is a band who are all relentlessly positive! Buzzin’ contains four incredible ‘egg funk’ bangers that could only be made by one of the best bands on the planet. 

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