Friday 18 May 2018, 7.30pm

Upset The Rhythm presents: Mary Ocher + Coldnose + Stal Kingsley

No Longer Available

MARY OCHER is back, following last year's UK dates with ‘The West Against The People’, Ocher returns with a new 10"/tape of ‘Faust Studio Sessions’. Mary has been persistently creating passionate, uncompromising work, raw, thought provoking, socially and creatively pushing against the current, dealing with subjects of authority, identity and conflict. Her work is as enchanting as it is polarizing, ranging from traditional folk to raw 60s garage, ambient with ethereal vocals and abstract synths, to experimental pop with African and South American rhythms, when accompanied by her drummers.

‘The West Against The People’ was released on the German label Klangbad in spring 2017 and recorded with Hans Joachim Irmler of Krautrock pioneers Faust. It features solo tracks, as well as tracks with her two drummers Your Government, and elusive cult legends Die Tödliche Doris and Felix Kubin. ‘Faust Studio Sessions’ showcases additional collaborations with cello player Julia Kent and German experimental artist Hans Unstern. Her previous solo release was produced by Canadian Psych Rock&Roll guru King Khan.


COLDNOSE is Jin Botani’s project that blends her Kurdish heritage with partly improvised dance music. Incorporating elements of acid, electro and industrial alongside her vocal. Check out her two tape releases on the Swedish labels Zeon Light and Funeral Fog and a track on the French label Hylé for her only released material so far. Four new tracks were recorded at Goldsmiths Studio with Francine Perry (La Leif/Orka) last year and will be out later this year on vinyl.

Stal Kingsley

STAL KINGSLEY is a London-based artist who released 2 EPs last year entitled ‘Useless Boy’ and ‘Odaxelagnia’. His songs are inventive and catchy yet melodically experimental, something akin to Ariel Pink and Cleaners From Venus in his love of the lo-fi pop swirl and head spin.