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Sunday 8 January 2017, 7.30pm

Trestle Records present: Amoral Avatar + Adam Coney with Pete Bennie & Beanie Bhebhe + EQLS

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- Amoral Avatar ( Leo Abrahams + Chris Vatalaro )
- Adam Coney with Pete Bennie + Beanie Bhebhe
- EQLS ( Milo Fitzpatrick + Nicholas Siddall )

Trestle Records
Trestle records is an artist-run label dedicated to releasing new instrumental music started by four friends during 2011. Ranging from electronic to classical, pop to musique concrete supporting and distributing all manner of contemporary instrumental music is its principle. Alongside releases and gigs Trestle run a regular improvisation session titled One Day Bands. Musicians are invited to make a record in a day of which the results are published, free to stream, on www.trestlerec.com.

Amoral Avatar

Raw and distorted, yet still strangely intimate, the record consistently challenges expectation. By turns aggressive, tender, abstract and melodic, it defies categorization - operating on the borders between post-rock and musique concrète, yet presenting an aesthetically coherent experience that rewards repeated listening.

Leo and Chris have worked together extensively over the years on projects for other artists, but their collaborative partnership was forged in 2014 across the 4000 mile Muzenergo tour of Southern Siberia. Both musicians are multifaceted, Vatalaro augmenting his drum kit with found objects, contact microphones and electronics, and Abrahams making use of an array of effects pedals and pitch-tracking devices. This is where their soundworlds intersect, at times impossible to discern who is doing what.

Adam Coney

Adam Coney has been based in the London experimental and improvisation scene since 2002. Primarily associated with the prog - jazz group Morviscous, he is also credited on Trestle for his involvement in Acland & Sydney, Calibos (with Jonny Fryer) and Noon. A graduate of contemporary composition from Newcastle University, Adam is a guitarist with a keen sense of production aesthetic and progressive sensibilities. His solo debut record is entitled The Fall Of The Flamingo Gardens. 

"The product of singular fascinations that cohere into something remarkably persuasive" - The Wire - review September 2014

Adam will be accompanied by Pete Bennie on double bass and Beanie Bhebhe on drums.


Featuring Milo Fitzpatrick from Portico and Nick Siddall of Talk In Colour. A multi- instrumental duo whose ethos is a collaboration of challenge and experimentation. Using laptops, loops and sampling alongside processed electric guitar, synths and effected cello EQLS improvise around discussed ideas, motifs and starting points to develop textured, atmospheric works.