Monday 4 June 2018, 7.30pm

Photo by Val K

Trance Map+ (Evan Parker / Matt Wright / Toma Gouband / Mark Nauseef)

No Longer Available

Evan Parker / soprano saxophone
Matt Wright / turntable/computer/live sound design
Toma Gouband / percussion
Mark Nauseef / percussion

Evan and Matt met in 2008 and out of their first studio sessions developed Trance Map, an album of over an hour long that mixes field recordings, samples from cassettes, turntable scratching and the live processing of Evan's relentlessly evolving saxophone lines. Since that time the project has developed to include live events across Europe, often involving guest performers such as Peter Evans and Barry Guy and more recently bassist Adam Linson and electronic artists Spring Heel Jack. Evan and Matt are thrilled to be joined by two master percussionists, Toma Gouband and Mark Nauseef, who thread cyclical inventions around the live and recorded sound.