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Saturday 3 November 2018, 7.30pm

Photo by Minamiasami

Muckle Mouth and Cafe OTO present: Sonotanotanpenz + Le Ton Mite + Taigen Kawabe

No Longer Available

Muckle Mouth and Cafe Oto present Sonotanotanpenz from Fukuoka, Japan, as part of their first ever European tour. The duo use keyboards, acoustic guitar, rapping and visual elements, arranged in strange and contradictory combinations to create their own unique universe. They are accompanied by the legendary Brussels based Le Ton Mite (soundtrack of the voyages & life of multi-instrumentalist, potter & instrument maker McCloud ZICMUSE), and a solo performance by Taigen Kawabe, best known for being the lead singer and a bassist of Japanese psychedelic band Bo Ningen.


Is a duo of two Hitomis (Hitomi Itamura & Hitomi Moriwaki) who create contraditions in music that result in ecstatic moments infiltrating listening spaces, aka: live venues.

Their playing style can be boiled down to two major geometries:
1. Rythmic singing, one could say "rapping", on top of acoustic guitar chords
2. Chaotic chords played by their four hands on one keyboard with dual harmonic voices rising behind.

Their performances are balanced between synchronisation & syncopation, floating through the unique universe they create. When time & space allow, these moments of sound can be embellished by 3-D installations & costumes created out of paper, reflecting their interest in contemporary plastic & textile creation.

Their latest disc "31" was released by the NISENNENMONDAI curated label "Bijin Records".


Weaving between short lyric compositions & savage improvisation, LE TON MITÉ is a soundtrack of the voyages & life of multi-instrumentalist, potter & instrument maker McCloud Zicmuse. Homemade strings, flutes, percussions & voice will perform solo excerpts from the latest recording : "Passé Composé Futur Conditionnel" released last year on the mythic Made to Measure series of Crammed Discs & on Sweet Dreams Press in Japan.

MUSIKEXPRESS DE : (*****) allusions to "Robert Wyatt, Kevin Ayers... one can even feel a David Lynchian touch in songs like "Mystery Trail".
THE WIRE UK : "amalgam of pop, folk & jazz, with a certian post 'Rock In Opposition' flair..."
MOJO UK : (*****) "McCloud has gone native in the Low Countries' chamber-pop avant-guard, with spectacular results"
FREQ UK : "...a distant mystery pervades the album, all steamy and wild... an eclectic miasma of sound, well worth investigation
LIBERATION FR : "McCloud brings his art of songmaking to the next level of subtility and hybridisation, a crazed, never seen before variety for indy-chamber pop..."

Taigen Kawabe

Taigen Kawabe is best known for being the lead singer and a bassist of a London based Japanese psychodelic band Bo Ningen. His current music side projects include: Mainliner ( with Makoto Kawabata from Acid Mother's Temple), KISEKI ( with 食品まつり a.k.a foodman), "miscontinuum" (with Jan St. Werner from Mouse on Mars) among others. His main interests are UK bass music, Japanese Idol culture, pro wrestling and surreal porn.