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Thursday 21 July 2016, 8pm

SM-­LL presents: AND REA + en creux + Reloc + John Macedo (SM­-LL guest) + Stuart Bowditch (DJ)

No Longer Available

SM-­LL presents debut live event coincided with its latest BATCH release from new artist AND REA, alongside with label artists en creux, Reloc, and friend John Macedo. Guest DJ Stuart Bowditch is invited to curate electronic music and sound to frame the SM-­LL label event.

SM-­LL is London­-based independent label that promotes music creation with an approach of Repetition, Reference, Reduction. Repetition lends SM-­LL an attention to the elements and points in rhythm. Reduction equips SM-­LL with a device to turn away from the accumulation of mass and focus on fundamentals in sound, and reference positions the label in deliberate proximity to certain music style, genre and category.

Now in its 3rd year, SM­-LL has slowly established its reputation through numerous digital (Default) and ultra­limited vinyl (Batch) releases. SM-­LL continues to operate around core values: small tokens of exchange, mutual respect, a passion for music and ultimately creating and releasing music for the right reasons.

“SM-­LL is beautiful for its uniformity, as pristine and exact in visual aesthetic as the minimalist electronic sculptures that often reside within.” – ATTN:Magazine

en creux

Lucia H Chung is a Taiwanese electronic sound artist based in London. She performs and releases music under the alias en creux, whose sound creation springs from her view on the medium of sound as preposition. Sound as preposition, expresses a relation between two elements. Without preposition, a clause will not form and a relation will not take place. Yet, at the same time, the role of preposition is also effected and determined by the two elements that it connects.

“...reminiscent of Alva Noto’s _Module _release with its bitingly clean percussion and silken low­end drones, creeping in and out of focus like some unknown creature gliding across the dark ocean floor.” – Stray Landings


AND REA is British/Danish composer Kaj Duncan David’s new solo electronic project. He composes and performs with electronics, instruments, lights and video, as well as music theatre situations and installations. He often works collaboratively, for example with Danish multidisciplinary artist Troels Primdahl, London composer collective Bastard Assignments, and Swedish sound artist Kajsa Magnarsson. AND REA’s premiere at Cafe OTO sees him presenting his new rhythmic and minimal electronic work with his debut release on SM-­LL.


A new collaborative project between Lucia H Chung (en creux) and label founder Martin J Thompson (Pokk!, Typeface), who are the duo behind minimal ambient project Mimosa Moize (Dragon’s Eye Recording, murmur records Japan). Expanding their previous interests in micro patterns in ambient sounds, Reloc’s explores rhythmical and performative structures, often constructed and shaped by pulse waves.

(BATCH 0002)...a peculiar similarity to the Detroit producers like Kyle Hall and Robert Hood. Not only in the minimalist futurism of the project... but also in its groove.” – Stray Landings

John Macedo

John Macedo is a sound artist and performer from London. He has incorporated everything from acoustic instruments and environmental sound to analogue and computer synthesis into recorded works, live performances and sound installations. He has a pluralistic approach which reveals and highlights the hidden potential in all sounds, environments and technologies, often in intimate, immersive and intuitive ways.

He performs live solo and has collaborated with artists and musicians such as Phil Julian, John Butcher, Graham Dunning, Tom White, Michael Speers, Artur Vidal, Adam Bohman, John Edwards, Lee Fraser, Sue Lynch, Yoni Silver, Steve Noble, Cath Roberts and more. He has had work released by Hideous Replica, Sound Holes, Beartowns Records and a releases small run and object editions on his own label, The Black Plume Editions. He also organises the monthly experimental and improvised music concert series SOLO:DUO:TRIO at the OTO Project Space.

Stuart Bowditch, DJ SET

Stuart’s work is inspired by location and the people, experiences and objects he encounters there. He is particularly interested in sounds that are associated with place, overlooked and overheard noises of the everyday and highlighting the auditory as a defining factor in how we experience a particular environment.

His recordings of people, their activities, experiences and environs have contributed to art installations, phone apps, archival records, dance performances, public consultation events, musical compositions, a computer game, a eulogy and sound tracks to short films.

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