Friday 31 May 2019, 7.30pm

Silver Road presents: N-Prolenta + Acolytes

For Silver Road at Cafe OTO artist N-Prolenta, otherwise known as Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana, will be sharing an iteration of their new performance concept, SYZYGY, which positions experimental theatre alongside features of both electronics and live instrumentation. The performance is a live component to a long form essay work by Covington currently in-progress.


Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina during the mid-1990s. They work to interrogate matters related to currency, transience, narratology, and system metabolism. Their interrogations have spawned sound projects, objects of generative design, forays into speculative finance, video, text, and visual art.


Acolytes is the alias of London based producer Denesh Shan, whose music probes a variety of forms both past and present to concoct a blurred mindspace. His work spirals around its own schizophrenic logic creating a haze of suggested melody, garbled vocal loops and an ebbing system of deferrals, as manifested on the 2018 release Rupture, released on Helm's Alter imprint.

After well received mixes on BCR, NTS, Bus Editions and Blowing Up the Workshop, and live dates with Helm, Drew McDowall, Oxhy, Lolina and John T. Gast, he is following up with some scattered dates around Europe and a forthcoming collaboration with Berlin's Alobhe."