Sunday 4 June 2017, 7.30pm

Richard Francés + Contra Legem + Marx Freud (DJ)

No Longer Available

“A wonderful and expressive ambient work with plenty of grainy overtones to the warbling melodies contained within.”  Oli Warwick , The Ransom Note, on Richard Francés

In association with The Wire 400

WIRE 400

Richard Francés

Richard Francés is an experimental music composer, performer and the head of the cassette label Hylé Tapes.

Having amassed a formidable body of work as Acid Fountain and in experimental band JUJU and Pointe Du Lac, he recently released his first album 01112012 under his given name on the Seattle label Jungle Gym Records.

His debut album recalls the early synth environments of pioneers like Tangerine Dream and Terry Riley, with modern interpretations of sci-fi, deep thought meditation and extraterrestrial exploration.

Richard Frances has also collaborated with the French art/dance collective (LA)HORDE, Owlle, visual artists Konpyuta, or the experimental musician Théodore Lüne.

Contra Legem

Founder of the nanoloop-only label OBOLE and member of the duo CYMBA, Contra Legem will be debuting his live solo project around on the synchronisation of 6 gameboys.

Nanoloop is a a four channels step sequencer and synthesizer cartridge made for the console and created by Oliver Wittchow in the mid 90s (and still updated to this day).
Obole on Youtube