Friday 15 June 2018, 7.30pm

Rian Treanor / Nakul Krishnamurthy + Sandro Mussida

No Longer Available

The collaboration between UK based artist Rian Treanor and Indian composer Nakul Krishnamurthy synthesises principles of Indian Classical and radical computer music.

The duo construct a fascinating rhythmic multiverse, developing from Krishnamurthy’s adept use of procedural composition in Carnatic music and Treanor’s expert knack for creating pattern generating systems. algorithmic compositions take shape through a system of continuous development, dissection, and modification of rhythmic and melodic codes. the cyclical patterns and complex time signatures are underpinned by a series of discrete rule based sequencers exclusively written using Max/ MSP.

The work was conceived in Chennai, India in 2016 during a visit by Mark Fell and Rian Treanor as a part of their exploration of Indian Classical music. it was later developed for Counterflows Festival 2017, for the premier of A Carnatic Paradigm, at the Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow. the project also took place at various cities in India in December 2017, and is scheduled to be performed at Serralves Contemporary Art Museum in June, 2018.

Sandro Mussida


Mussida is a London based composer & cellist whose work has been released through Sony Classical, Boomkat, Tapeworms and others. He works closely with Mark Fell, London Contemporary Orchestra and many other artists and institutions. His work investigates the relationships between tradition and innovation in music, active listening, the identity of musical languages and rites. His latest works involve historical, non-equal-tempered tuning systems questioning its perception by the western, standardized ear.