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30–31 August 2018, OTO Project Space

OTO PROJECT SPACE: PUBLIC REHEARSAL - Hot Lemonade [Robert Ashley, an autobiography], Inquiline

Ultimately the remit of Public Rehearsal is to ask questions about the nature of performance and contingency. To what extent are rehearsal's performances and performances rehearsal's? For two evenings Richard Thomas and Secluded Bronte present two new works in an embryonic stage of development.

Hot Lemonade [Robert Ashley, an autobiography] by Richard Thomas features the voice of the late, great American composer Robert Ashley. As much as this is indeed Robert Ashley's autobiography it is also to a minor extent Thomas' autobiography, or rather the story of the somewhat extraordinary circumstances which lead to Thomas and Ashley meeting in 2009. Hot Lemonade [Robert Ashley, an autobiography] is performed by Robert Ashley, Richard Harrison, Adam Bohman, Jonathan Bohman and Richard Thomas.

Inquiline is a new portmanteau work by Secluded Bronte aka Jonathan Bohman, Adam Bohman and Richard Thomas. Secluded Bronte's last long player , Ten Point Plan To Destroy Astrology was released on the Singing Knives label. Byron Coley in The Wire Magazine described it as “avant garde musical theatre”. The poet, critic and broadcaster Cage Williams described a recent live performance as follows: “one of the most unusual and original soundscapes I’d heard for a long time. A certain wildness emerged out of the confusion of sound objects, juxtaposed words and electronic sampling which made me sit up, feel fear, excitement, exhilaration and even a childlike joy.”

Public Rehearsal is produced by Richard Thomas.