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Tuesday 4 September 2018, 7.30pm

Powerdove + Still No

No Longer Available

"Lewandowski’s skeletal vocals nestled amidst house-of-cards instrumental arrangements point to a future where improvisers might be able to bridge the gap between our present thirst for novel timbres and our past predilection for narrative-driven songs." – Jonathan Pfeffer, WXPN, Philadelphia

Annie Lewandowski is a composer, improviser, and multi-instrumentalist whose work has situated her between the worlds of improvisation and independent rock music. As an improviser on the piano and accordion, she has recorded with Fred Frith, the London Improvisers Orchestra, Caroline Kraabel, Tim Feeney, CAGE, and Doublends Vert, and performed with improvisers including Theresa Wong, Miya Masaoka, Chris Cutler, Chris Corsano, Evan Parker, Ellen Fullman, and Charles Hayward.

In Lewandowski's band, Powerdove, she is joined by Thomas Bonvalet and Chad Popple to create a rattling, crackling and compelling songs that fizz with energy and seem to come together at exactly the point they're being pulled apart – pop music viewed askance in a singular vision.


STILL NO is a duo guitar and voice project from Patrick Dahn and Sami Fitz. Skimming the subconscious, the duo’s minimal setup allows them to dive into the unexpected - blurring genres and styles. Their music could be described as “the easiest way to lucid dream as someone else.”

Patrick Dahn is a London-based guitarist. His minimal, dissonant playing is inspired as much by Loren Connors, as by abstract painting, as by a tree. A rock.

Sami Fitz is a London-based vocalist whose work explores the boundaries of narratives. Her latest solo project, Tephra, was released in 2018 and produced by multi-instrumentalists Shahzad Ismaily and Aaron Roche.