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Saturday 25 March 2017, 7.30pm

Oto Nove Swiss: Valentina Magaletti + Don’t DJ + Gilles Aubry + Pure Mania + Fred Hystère + London Tape Release: «The Durian Brothers – Mischgewebe» + OOR EDITIONS/DISK

No Longer Available

Presented by: OOR Saloon Zürich & Klappfon Basel

Oto Nove Swiss is a three-day festival at London’s Cafe Oto. Teamed up in pairs per evening six Swiss institutions—namely Bad Bonn, Südpol Luzern, zweikommasieben Magazin, Präsens Editionen, OOR and Klappfon—invite different musicians and/or bands from Switzerland, the UK and beyond. The common denominator of the institutions involved? All of them deal with contemporary (experimental) music in one way or another—whether as a venue, record store, magazine, event series or label.


Klappfon, Basel is a monthly series of concerts happening in Basel, Switzerland, covering new music, contemporary jazz, free-improvisation, soundart and noise.

OOR Records/OOR Saloon (One’s Own Room) is a collective run record-/art book store, soundspace and sound related production context in Zürich, Switzerland. Since 2014, OOR Saloon organizes performances, DJ sets, discussions, listenings, soundart mini-acts and concerts. The OOR Saloon series wishes to create collective and discursive spaces for negotiations of emancipatory artistic practices related to sound.

Valentina Magaletti, (UK/IT) live percussion set

The London based drummer and multi-instrumentalist Valentina Magaletti returns to Café OTO for the OOR/Klappfon soirée with a special solo percussion set. Magaletti plays rhythm sections in projects such as Raime (Blackest Ever Black), Vanishing Twins (Soundway), The Oscillation (Hands in the Dark) and is half of the bustling and well-known combo Tomaga (with Tom Reellen). Devoted to musical exploration, Tomaga obsessively deconstruct familiar tropes, looking for the tension that lies between improvisation and form. «Eccentric, virtuoso, hypnotic and contagious, from jazz patterns to experiments on prepared drum kit, Valentina's style effortlessly defines her shape of the dance.»


Don’t DJ , (DE) live

The DJ-producer Don’t DJ, former member of «Institut für Feinmotorik» and «The Durian Brothers» is interested in what he calls «musique acéphale« – a metric which has no distinct starting nor ending point and thus encourages the listener to constantly switch his* or her* metric focus to discover different «points of listening» within the same arrangement. These Euclidian polymetric soundlayerings or minimalist-gamelanian-kraut-tekks seek to inspire consciousness to wander beyond culturally suggested boundaries of the perception of reality. Don’t DJ recently released on Berceuse Heroique, Emotional Response, Fullfridge amongst others and co-runs the Labels Sexes and Disk Records.


Giles Aubry, (CH/DE) live

«And who sees the mystery», Gilles Aubry’s new record on Corvo, is based on soundcheck situations recorded in Morocco between 2013 and 2014. The piece is a sonic exploration of Berber-Amazigh voices and instruments, rhythms and spaces. Using his microphone as a sound processing device, Aubry further manipulates his field recordings through performative feedback techniques, creating an abstract composition. Gilles Aubry is a swiss artist and musician living in Berlin. He uses field recordings, voices and sound archives to create live performances, installations and movies.


Pure Mania , (CH/UK/CA) live

Nucleic encounters of beings bordering on nothingness. The core, the midpoint, the eye, the skull, driven into ascesis. A strobe grid clamps the mind with pure potencies, endured and engaged as directly as possible, without the security of pretext, context or explanation. Electrical signals, coaxed but barely modulated. Something other has merged with you, nonhuman. Pure Mania does not stop where you begin. Michi Zaugg (electronics); Ryan Jordan (electronics); Jamie Allen (electronics).


Fred Hystère / Anna Frei , (CH) DJ-set

Anna Frei is an artist, sonic researcher, graphic designer, editor, DJ and record store co-founder (OOR Records), who lives and works in Zürich, Switzerland. She* organizes experimental audio formats, concerts and club nights, is part of several collaborative art projects, and works as a conceptrice of publications/editions. As DJ Fred Hystère, she*s searching for multi-layered, emancipatory narratives within experimental DJ mixes and collaborates on performances and audio-pieces. Since 2014, she* co-operates and co-curates OOR Records/OOR Saloon.


London Tape Release OOR Edition Nr.03/DISK11: The Durian Brothers – Mischgewebe (Swiss Tour Mixtape)

OOR Editions and DISK Records collaborate on the Tape Edition «The Durian Brothers – Mischgewebe» which contains newly combined and mixed live-recordings by the poly-rubber-kraut-tekk-turntablists recorded on their Swiss tour in 2015. OOR and DISK are happy to release and share a limited edition at Café OTO!