Sunday 1 November 2020, 11am–5pm

OTO Bookshelf launch & Mumei NINE publication launch, w/ Anton Lukoszevieze (solo)

No Longer Available

Delighted to host a live solo cello set by Anton Lukoszevieze (Apartment House), performing pieces by Ornette Coleman, Oliver Leith and Henry Birdsey as part of a celebration of our carefully crafted new book shelves, as well as a launch for mumei NINE, featuring Mieko Shiomi with Anton Lukoszevieze, Chan Cho Kiu Bunchi, Jennie Gottschalk, Keiko Yamamoto, Koen Nutters & Rishin Singh. Our new shelves will allow us to stock a hugely expanded range of books from our favourite writers and publishers, with exclusive discounts for OTO members. Come down and have a browse!

The last of the lock-down publication series by mumei publishing in collaboration with ame features the work of Shiomi Mieko. The power of Shiomi’s work lies in the re-framing of simple situations that can easily be performed in one’s home or in an isolated location. For this reason, during this particular moment in time, mumei chose the edition of NINE to be dedicated to this composer’s beautifully poignant work. We asked 6 contributors from around the globe to realize one of her works and then share a fragment of that private moment. The final publication features the contributions of these artists, providing us a snippet into their intimate experience, a residue of an isolated moment in order to create a new connection with the readers of the publication. - Mumei NINE

We are pleased to launch mumei Nine that features Shiomi Mieko, a Japanese composer, a founder of Ongaku, a music group she formed back in 1960. Takehisa Kosugi and Yasunao Tone were amongst the members. The group explored improvisation and action and participated in Fluxus events such as the work of John Cage, George Brecht, La Monte Young as well as showcasing their own. In this issue 9, 6 artists made visual work in reaction to Mieko's text scores. We are lucky to have Anton to play a live set in the spirit of celebrating this publication.

We'd love to see you. In order to keep things safe we will be running the bar with dedicated seating and table service only; with a maximum of 6 people in each group and 30 people in the space at one time, with no standing. Tables will be on a first come, first served basis - please bear with us if we can't seat you straight away. Visitors will be asked to scan a QR code at the door when they arrive, using the NHS COVID-19 app. We will be providing hand sanitiser - and note that we will only be accepting card payments.


mumei is an independent publisher started in 2015. Each edition contains sound art, music, text and visual material that concern text-sound perceptions. mumei NINE is curated by Ryoko Akama ( ame C.I.C) and Heather Frasch.

Ryoko Akama is an artist and composer as well as the director and founder of ame CI.C. and co curated mumei NINE. ame hosts live music events and inter displinary residencies. Ryoko has made an album called In Another Place together with Tim Shaw and Anne F Jacques for TakuRoku, Cafe OTO's online label introducing the music created during the lockdown. The three would have been pysically in the same residency if this pandemic wasn't here.

Anton Lukoszevieze is a Cellist, composer and inter-disciplinary artist and he is one of the participants in mumei NINE creating visual work in reaction to Mieko's score.
Anton also has released an album titled Word Origins from Cafe OTO's digital only label TakuRoku. And both Ryoko and Anton have been very active in music and visual arts and they have collaborated together in the past. Ryoko has written a composition for Apartment House, the music group Anton leads.

We are very pleased to host this occasion to make a connection with Mieko and Anton and Ryoko. There are many positive links between Ryoko's venues up in Huddersfield and us here at Cafe OTO where Anton has regularly performed.