WORD ORIGINS – Anton Lukoszevieze

"Word Origins consists of improvisations recorded in my house during the current lockdown. Each one was recorded at around 17.00-18.00 pm. I allowed myself to just get my cello, sit, start the record button and play, just once, each day. I wanted to make concise, stream of consciousness music, in some ways it relates to a lot of the paintings I have been making recently, but also the poetry I have been reading. The titles of each track are taken from words in The Sonnets by American poet Ted Berrigan, which were written in the 60’s and constructed by chance operations." - Anton Lukoszevieze


All music by Anton Lukoszevieze. Recorded by Anton Lukoszevieze.

Artwork by Oliver Barrett.

  1. Of Polytonic Breezes Gathering (02:40)
  2. No Comforts Drift (04:05)
  3. The Sleeping Fragments of the Sky (04:11)
  4. Discuss the Code of the West (04:18)
  5. Each Tree is Introspection (03:10)
  6. Everything Turning in this Light to Stones (04:53)
  7. The Logic of Grammar is Genuine (02:27)
  8. Vast Orange Libraries of Dreams (03:08)
  9. To a Birdless Place (06:38)
  10. Slow Going Down of the Morning Land (04:53)
  11. Word Origins (03:28)

Anton Lukoszevieze

Descended from a retreating Napoleonic soldier and a Lithuanian noblewoman, Anton Lukoszevieze is a cellist, composer, improviser and multidisciplinary artist. He is also the founder and director of the experimental music group Apartment House, releasing over 40 albums with them.