Wednesday 29 December 2021, 7pm


No Longer Available

Disorientating, Vibrating, Scarring, Jarring, Scary, Hairy, Unforgiving, Unlikely, way to optimism.

(“It’s just a load of noises put together” - Unknown Woman, at The Waiting Room, 2017)

Four albums deep, (Mordant Music, Outer Reaches), a self released EP and a Takuroku release. New emissions planned for 2022. Satellite projects Oyl, picoFarad and Birds of the Ancient Times dispersing also.

Come down and hang out, enjoy our freshly stocked bar and browse through our records, books and posters. We have possibly the best beer in the world on tap from our friends at the Kernel plus an extensive range of spirits including Japanese whiskies alongside some great Single Malts from Scotland. Not to mention some exceptional beers in the fridge with a big range of Belgian greats including Dubbel, Westmalle Dubbel and the Trappistes Rochefort 10, as well as some new additions such as St Fullien and Mongozo Pils Gluten-Free beer.