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Thursday 26 January 2017, 7.30pm

Myths of the Far Future: Grimm Grimm + Le Volume Courbe + Pollyannna Valentine + Adrena Adrena

No Longer Available

Grimm Grimm

Grimm Grimm is the experimental folk/pop project of London-based singer-songwriter Koichi Yamanoha. former frontman of the psychedelic-punk group Screaming Tea Party For him to explore new realms of sound. His honest, fragile, cinematic and sometimes innocent style mixes otherworldly baroque folk and ambient punk. Born in Tokyo, Yamanoha's stirring live performances have captured an essence of Japan and confession and have seen him play infrequent collaboration with Bo Ningen, Faust and Serafina Steer. Grimm Grimm's enchanting debut 7" single 'Kazega Fuitara Sayonara / Tell The Truth' was released late 2014 via Charlotte Marionneau and Kevin Shields' s Pickpocket Records, and his debut album ‘Hazy Eyes Maybe' was released by ATP recordings in June 2015." -Honest Jon's-


le volume courbe

French-born Charlotte Marionneau moved to London in 1995 after growing up in a small town in Pays de la Loire. Le Volume Courbe - it means “the volume curve” - is the name of a sculpture by an old friend in France.
Le Volume Courbe - hard to describe indeed – don’t play rock’n’roll, and don’t play world music. It’s out-of-this-world music. It’s in-your-own-world music, what-in-the-world music. It’s a diary of dreams.

Pollyanna Valentine

The muse of Charley Sharp via California USA. Ensemble of varied collage / shoegazed follk/ dreamy pop muse. EP coming soon featuring collaborations w Laetita Sadier (Stereolab / Monade) and Valentina MA / Cathy LUcas (Vanishing TWin/ Tomaga).

Adrena Adrena

A collaboration between drummer E-Da Kazuhisa (Boredoms, Seefeel) and visual artist Daisy Dickinson, ‘Adrena Adrena’ cuts a raw blend of drums, noise and organic visual work. Adrena Adrena as a live performance features an 8ft white sphere with video mapped onto it. Kazuhisa plays drums and noise while Dickinson live mixes visuals onto the ball. 

Their debut was at the International Festival of Projections in early 2016 and have since performed at End of The Road Festival, Supernormal Festival, Fort Process Festival, Zorofest in Leipzig and other shows across the UK and Europe with Acid Mothers Temple and members of Wire and Bo Ningen. The pair completed a short film in 2016. 'Man on the Hill', which has since been featured on the British Council Film website and in 2016 was nominated for The BFI London Film Festival, Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, BAFTA qualifying Aesthetica Film Festival, The London Experimental Festival, Vienna Independent Short Film Festival and the London Short Film Festival. 

"The centre of the stage was taken up by projections which, always simple and often semi-abstract, never stole the limelight from the music. It was more like watching a trio, just one at work on different senses to the others. Pretty soon you weren't taking in the sights and sounds as separate elements at all, but hand been induced into a kind of synaesthesia. And if that seems like we're reverting to Sixties terminology like 'trip' we might as well go with it.... it felt like a trip (man), like being taken through some other reality then dumped back in ours at the end." - Gavin Burrows (Lucid Frenzy)