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Saturday 18 January 2020, 7.30pm

Michal Turtle + Leyden Jars

No Longer Available

“Though it must be said that experimental music is a broad church, the way Turtle layers acoustic instruments with electronic counterparts makes his variety very difficult to classify. The whole thing is a unique blend of futurism, music from diverse corners of the globe, and the downright strange – flung wildly into a sonic cement mixer, then doused in reverb and delay.” – Inverted Audio

Familiar to fans of Dutch reissue label Music From Memory, who released a collection of his ’80s works on a 2017 compilation Phantoms of Dreamland, Michal Turtle grew up in South London, where, at the age of 22, he set up a four track studio in parents’ home and began recording.

The resulting synthesiser experiments and improvised analogue jams would become Music From The Living Room, the overlooked 1983 album that would lend several tracks to Phantoms of Dreamland. Continuing to work in music, whether as a jazz musician or writing musicals for horses, Turtle has returned 35 years on, with a new suite entitled Middle of the Road Less Travelled.

“Each cut on the obscure British-born, Swiss-based musician Michal Turtle's Phantoms of Dreamland presents a strange-yet-charming self-contained little sound world.” – Pitchfork

Leyden Jars

Home brew electronics and other sonic disturbances, occupied hands (two pairs), some albums on the unimpeachable Mordant Music, fresh emissions due in 2020 via the exceptional Outer Reaches label.

“They use electronic materials, but they seem aged and tweaked in an organic way, somehow. It is not only the obscured vocals that give Heat Death a human touch: these synths and electro-acoustics appear to be learning how to breathe.” – Norman Records Heat Death album review

“Observing. Cataloging. Quietly moving through three dimensions whilst plainly coming from the fourth.” – Peter Marks of Santa Sangre

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