Tuesday 2 April 2019, 7.30pm

Max Eilbacher & Ren Schofield (Container)

Announcing the first ever tour by the new duo of Max Eilbacher and Ren Schofield, two of America’s great young soundthinkers. Both emerged after the great Noise Recession of 09 with reet style...

Schofield is of course Container, who flipped a whole paradigm when he went from making crumbling basement vibe tape music to beatdown techno. He puts pierogi on pizza and is a food blogger.

Eilbacher, perhaps best known as the tonal anchor in the mighty Horselords’ rhythm section, is a sound artist, electroacoustic composer and audio designer, filmmaker and chef, thinker and a fruit beer drinker.

Schofield is from Providence RI and Eilbacher from Baltimore MD so to best imagine this tour, picture two seafood shacks w goggly eyes and happy mouths in a euro rental car hauling a maxmsp and a groovebox across that old continent, the whole tableau poorly photoshopped ads to the rightness. Make brain zap sounds over thunder drum and smacking-snares and audio completes the picture.

Anyhow, their duo promises to be one of the years most exciting assemblages. 1 part Eilbacher computer music complexity and one part Schofield beat-garngs.

Both have released work on Spectrum Spools, Eilbachers latest is available thru Purely Physical Teeny Tapes

- Alex Moskos