Friday 15 May 2020, 7.30pm

Madteo + Mentos Gulgendo

No Longer Available

"For our money, it's a straight-up masterpiece of loose-limbed club gear, especially recommended if yr into Andy Stott, Joy O, Mica Levi, Moodymann." – Boomkat

MAdteo is regularly mentioned in the same breath as innovators Andy Stott and Moodyman with original releases on DDS, Sähkö, Hinge Finger, Morphine, Meakusma and others. As a DJ, Madteo is famed for "blends of street-smart flavours and sweaty basement vibes" stretching his obsessive crate-digger credentials through house, disco, boogie and acid.

“Lover of cheap vinyl, producer of exquisitely odd records, mind-bending conversationalist—Matteo Ruzzon is an electronic music personality like no other.” – Resident Advisor

Mentos Gulgendo

Mentos Gulgendo is a new project by Antonina Nowacka and Bogumiła Nowacka, the sisters known also as WIDT. Mentos Gulgendo shares its name with a fictional philosopher and author of the „harmless lunatics” theory. The theory states that our universe has been created by the representatives of the cosmic madhouse. Every representative used the finest and the most subtle electromagnetic waves to weave a field of transcendental beauty penetrating the structure of each other. The field expanded invading the solid structures of rationality and therefore transforming the traditional form of identity into a liquid, unsustainable fat. Using organs and voice as their main instruments, the sister duo is creating abstract and intricately woven music.

Photo by Maria Nitek

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